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The Baltic Sea Challange

About us

The Baltic Sea Challenge is a network, that encourages organizations to commit to the protection of the Baltic Sea. Organizations that have accepted the challenge take concrete actions and do more for the wellbeing of our waters than the law requires. Over 330 organizations have joined our international network. Two thirds of our members are from Finland. Joined partners share information, implement projects and make the Baltic Sea Challenge vision a reality all around the sea.

The Baltic Sea Challenge was launched by the cities of Turku and Helsinki

This unique and open network was founded in 2007, when the mayors of Turku and Helsinki in Finland were taking a walk on the Aura river bank. The Aura river flows through Turku in southwest Finland and into the Baltic Sea. The mayors were greatly concerned about the poor state of our beloved sea. The mayors came with the idea of the Baltic Sea Challenge. The aim was to begin an ambitious inter-city cooperation and act as trailblazers in water conservation efforts. At the same time, there was a desire to challenge other actors to join in, as although the city’s opportunities for protecting the Baltic Sea are extensive, the delicate and multi-state nature of the Baltic Sea’s condition will not improve without collaboration.

Since 2007, Turku and Helsinki have implemented joint action programs containing concrete steps to reduce watercourse loading in the cities.

The fourth season of Action Plans spanning to 2028 was launched in January 2024. The Action Plan has six goals addressing the most significant threats to the Baltic Sea’s condition and key solutions:

Tavoitteen kestävän merenkäytön symboli

Promoting sustainable use of the seas

Preventing litter

Reducing harmful substances

Increasing biodiversity

Curbing eutrophication

Increasing cooperation and inclusion

The Baltic Sea Challenge organization

The cities implement their joint Baltic Sea Action Plan led by the coordinators. Both cities’ strategies emphasize responsibility for improving the condition of the Baltic Sea.

Contact us

Do you have any questions about the Baltic Sea Challenge or joining? Please contact the Baltic Sea Challenge coordinators in Turku and Helsinki.