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The Baltic Sea Challange

Clean, productive, and shared Baltic Sea

The Baltic Sea Challenge

We invite organisations in the Baltic Sea region to commit to protecting the Baltic Sea and their nearby waters. At the same time, we invite the actors to join the extensive Baltic Sea Challenge network, which allows its members to share information, carry out water protection measures and learn together to improve the status of our waters. Together, we can make our vision of a clean, productive and shared Baltic Sea a reality.

Baltic Sea Action Plan

Helsinki and Turku have a new action plan for the years 2024-2028

Sign a commitment for the Baltic Sea!

We invite all current members of the Baltic Sea Challenge to renew their commitments for the years 2024-2028. We also welcome all new organizations to join the common cause!

Contact us!


Outi Seppälä

Baltic Sea Challenge coordinator, Helsinki

p. +358 40 768 7421 

Milla Stenström

Environmental planner, Helsinki

p. +358 40 481 2150 


Natalie Helenius 

Baltic Sea Challenge coordinator, Turku

p. +358 44 907 2134