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The Baltic Sea Challange

Baltic Sea Commitment

With this commitment, our organization acknowledges its responsibility in reconciling the use pressures on the sea and improving the state of the sea. We challenge ourselves and our organization to work for a healthy and productive Baltic Sea to strengthen the collective sense of ownership and responsibility for the well-being of our local waters. We voluntarily respond to the common challenge by doing more for water bodies than what the law and our core requirements demand. We commit to concrete actions to reduce the impact of our activities on local waters and the Baltic Sea.

Joining the Baltic Sea Challenge Network for the years 2024–2028

  • To advance the common vision by initiating one or more Baltic Sea actions related to the following themes within the next 12 months and supplementing our own Baltic Sea action program thereafter with new measures.
  • To report on the progress of Baltic Sea work to the coordinators of the Baltic Sea Challenge 12 months from now.

Organization Information

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