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The Baltic Sea Challange

Upcoming: More Than 200 Actions for the Baltic Sea

The new period of the Baltic Sea Challenge has begun, and 22 members have already renewed their Baltic Sea commitments for the years 2024-2028. This means that these organizations have made concrete plans for actions over the next five years, with a total of 210 actions planned for the benefit of the Baltic Sea and our waters!

In the coming years, our members will participate in dozens of projects that promote the good status of water bodies locally and regionally in various ways. The organizations will also develop their core operations by focusing on waste and water management, recycling, environmentally responsible procurement, and the carbon footprint of their activities.

Organizations will also engage in very concrete work for the wellbeing of our waters, such as building nature trails and fish passages, organizing litter collection and invasive species control campaigns. Sharing information is also important. Our members will organize various environmental training sessions for stakeholders and their own staff, and conduct research projects. Many members will participate in information campaigns, and actively communicate about Baltic Sea issues both internally and externally.

Thank you to everyone who has already updated their commitments! Participants include municipalities, associations, companies, and educational institutions from Finland, Sweden, Estonia, and Denmark. We look forward to following the implementation of the plans. New network members are also welcome to join the collective effort and make a Baltic Sea Challenge commitment for the years 2024-2028.

Photo: Rebekka Karhumaa